Monday, August 8, 2011

First 5K Race Coming Up!

It will be here in 4 weeks....I know my goal should simply be to finish the race, but I really want to do well! Now, this is a speedy one, where there are a TON of fast runners, so most races I think I'll try to target the middle of the range for my age/gender (based on the prior year's results), but with this race, that is not even attainable as that would be right at 30 minutes! Yes, they are that fast. I think its also because there are a ton of high school runners on this one and they can run fast without having to deal with "mommy weight" or "old bones" as an issue.

Canes Classic had only 371 finishers last year, so the size of the race is small and good for a first time out, right? I hope so at least! Its flat, shaded for the most part and at 9am on Labor day. Considering I have convinced two other fairly-new runners to sign up for it as well, I'm nervous....I have a "crowd" watching me, and even if its only a crowd of a few people, I can't hide from them!


  1. Good luck! I ran a 5K for the first time about three weeks ago and it was really hard for me to keep to my pace when people were passing me left and right. I'm sure you can meet your goal time.

  2. Thanks Rena! I'm hoping I wont get caught up too much in the adrenaline rush!


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