Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trying to maintain in the light of knee-ness

So, I've been pretty diligent this week. First, I swore off running on Sunday when I felt that my knee wasn't handling it well (and ended up walking back home 1.5 miles). So, I was diligent on the elliptical that stares at me in my bedroom as a constant reminder that its not there just to air dry my clothes. So, its been put to use! Monday and Tuesday were both elliptical exercises that went well! If nothing else, I'll be maintaining my level of fitness, even if I'm not necessarily improving it.

But, you know that swearing off that I did...didn't last. I felt ok, but knew I didn't want to risk a long run, so last night I promised myself a simple 2 mile run around the neighborhood...enough to get exercise, but short enough that I would be back in 20-25 minutes to spend time with Joe before he left for Chicago. Surprise...I pushed it. I ran fast (for me, at least). 10:02 pace! Of course, I do think it would have been under 10:00 if my phone would stop beeping me with messages and distracting me, so I'm calling that an "under 10" run. :)

Tonight, I jumped back on the elliptical...felt good. 30 minutes went fast, especially since I promised my kids that they could sleep in my bed while daddy is out of town....but they had to promise to not say a word while I exercised. Actually, since the elliptical is a mere 3 feet from the bed, I actually think that the white noise from the machine helped them fall asleep fast. Not a word. Now, of course, I have no idea where I'm going to sleep as I don't think there is much room in the bed for me now that their stuffed animals are all over!

Tomorrow, I venture to a longer run. The kids will visit with a friend and I'll run from their house to the park and back (or run around the park a bit...same park that the labor day 5k race is, so its not a bad thing at all!). I hope I can get 5 miles in, even if I have to walk some of it. Again, I'm not willing to exacerbate my knee, but if its feeling good, I want to push it a bit more!

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