Friday, August 26, 2011

Salutation Nation 2011

If you have ever been interested in trying yoga, or are a fan, maybe you want to check out Salutation Nation! The events are hosted by the lululemon stores throughout the continent. If you haven't heard of lululemon, you must try their fitness clothes....while a huge part of their catalog is dedicated to yoga, they also have a nice variety of running attire (for both men and women).

I'll be attending the one on 9/10. The Sarasota location will be on the main lawn of the Ringling exciting is that? I must admit I've never done yoga outside so I'm looking forward to this experience...and while I loved the stretching and calmness of yoga classes in the past, my hip/belly fat always got in the way of really good I'll be attending to see if I can feel a difference now that I've dropped some weight!

So, why not give it a try! Come alone, or bring a should be a nice experience! And, of course, I'll update my experience on this blog after the event :)

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