Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shakeology 14-Day Challenge - Day 7 Update

So, a shakeology every day for breakfast. And an exercise routine daily. So far, so good.

For breakfast, I haven't experimented too much with the flavoring/recipes. Its just easier to stick to the staples, so I can focus on getting the kids dressed, fed, and out the door in time for school. So far though, its just as easy as my regular morning routine. I add a scoop of Shakeology, a banana, two tablespoons of PB2, 2 cups water, blend it....then add 1 cup of shaved ice for a nice two-glass breakfast chocolate shake....I even have my husband drinking them!

The schedule below is what is expected (and the detail in the ellipses is what I did)
Day 1: 30 minutes cardio (30 minutes elliptical for me)
Day 2: upper/core strength training (all of the exercises)
Day 3: 30 minutes cardio (35 minute elliptical for me...thunderstorms outside in the gulf)
Day 4: upper/core strength training (all of the exercises, plus a quick 20 minute run, just because)
Day 5: 30 minutes cardio (5k run for me)
Day 6: 60 minutes cardio (35 minutes elliptical in the morning/strength training)
Day 7: Rest or upper/core strength training (30 minute run for me))

Just doing the basic exercises this time (maybe I'll do the advanced exercises next week). Exercises include:

  • 30 seconds flutter kicks;

  • 1 minute russian twists;

  • 1 minute plank (weight on forearms);

  • 1 minute side plank right/left side (weight on forearms);

  • 50 push-ups (modified knees);

  • 30 dips;

  • 20 glute bridge march;

  • 30 lunge w/rotation;

  • 45 arm pull over straight-leg crunch;

  • 45 modified bicycle (floor);

  • 45 seated rotation;

  • 45 bird dog ab exercise;

  • 24 plank with knee bends.
Its time-consuming, but I've tried to do all of these when the kids watch their one tv show in the evening. I've placed the PDF directions for the exercises on dropbox, so I can access it via my iPad, and read along while the room is fairly dark to calm the kids prior to book-time/bedtime.

I've set my regular strength training routine aside for now, and focused on the exercises above...its more time-consuming than my 20 minute routine, simply because I have to pause so much between each exercise. But, in time, the rest time will has to, right?

Whats really surprising is that I thought my normal routine tones me up a bit...but these ones have been making my abs seriously work! Even two days after, it pains me to sit up in bed! But surprisingly, running and elliptical have helped alleviate that...maybe the gentle movement and/or small stretching that goes along with the running helps? I dont know...either way, its working for me, for now :)

As for weight loss....I'm down 2 pounds! I've also averaged about 1600 calories/day...which really is just about 250 less than my supposed required caloric intake. So, I think the loss is related more to shakeology than the fitness at this point, but I'll take it! I think the 2 pound loss is surprising, since I have been craving salt lately...and I've definitely been ingesting more than the sodium I am certain I am still carrying some water weight around me. Anyways, I'll update again next week!

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