Friday, March 9, 2012

At what point do you become a non-beginner?

Of course, when you first start running, you are a've never tried to run, you've never made it farther than your own block, you simply don't know what you are doing. But at what point, have you graduated from novice/beginner? I suppose this is a philosophical question, as everyone will have their own opinion...but a few things to consider are listed below:

  • You are not a beginner when you do not think of yourself as one.
  • You are not a beginner when you go on a group run and are finally offering guidance to another! 
  • Beginners are on a mission to get better...but then again, we always find a different meaning of "better" so maybe we are always beginning something!
  • Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher are just beginning to compete in internationally-ranked I suppose even amazing runners can be considered beginners!
  • When someone calls you 'a beginner' with that tone after you comment on anything running related....and you start defending yourself, you are not a beginner.
  • You pick up a new goal and select a training plan (eg your first half marathon) and the beginning of that training plan has you taking a step back from where you currently are, then you're not a beginner.
  • When you continue running, even though you have just peed a little in your pants (or maybe a lot) are a runner.
Do you have anything else to add to this list?  When did you consider yourself no longer a beginner?

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