Saturday, March 10, 2012

RRCA Coach Class - Day 2

Another good use of my time.  I really enjoyed Janet's class.  Today's topics primarily focused on developing training plans (build weeks, sharpening, tapering and recovery).

The variety of methods to handling this is so significant, but I do think our team did an excellent job at creating a plan for mythical "Joe Runner" (a man who thinks he is all that, with a great 5-mile base, but has never really pushed himself out of his comfort zone and now wants to run a half in 1:30).  Yep, it was interesting to see how many different ways the different teams approached the topic.

Janet also spent some time reiterating how people need to be absolutely careful about "adjusting" someone, e.g. changing their gait for efficiency.  An individual's gait, even if unorthodox, works for them for a reason...often for reason's that are not visible to us.  For example, if someone runs in an asymmetrical manner, there is probably more harm which could result from an effort to "right" their gait than from allowing them to continue. After all, maybe they are compensating for an asymmetrical spine!

The course was definitely worthwhile attending.  There are quite a few things that I know to address in my own training plans...and I plan on developing that further once the last half of the season is behind me (Iron Girl).

But, I did take away a ton of material that I really am interested in learning more about...and therefore, I have a ton of material for this blog!  Just writing and summarizing it all here will definitely ensure that I make it all sink in!

Next step, I have an online test to take in the next 30 days, and I have a CPR and First aid class to complete...then its official.  I can coach myself somewhat properly!

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