Thursday, March 1, 2012

RRCA Coach Class...Coming Up!

While I have no plans on being a formal coach, I am interested in the science of running and want to improve my own endurance/time, as well as be more informed on how to prevent my own injuries. From my understanding, about half of the class participants fall into this realm. Just as important, I have a lot of people at work asking me for guidance...and I certainly do not want to stear them in the wrong direction!

I was interested in this certification for awhile. and when a class in Sarasota was announced, I jumped on it. Its the 2 days prior to the Sarasota Half Marathon, so it may be a bit busy that weekend, but totally doable.

The class consists of two days of class lecture and group exercises. The information below is from their website:

The program focuses on issues specific to adult road running and racing, including coaching fundamentals, scientific background and the establishment of training schedules and goals to help athletes reach their running potential. Whether the goals are race specific or general fitness, this program will provide the background and training to work with individual runners. Following the in-person course, attendees are required to pass an online multiple-choice
exam with immediate results.

Day 1: Basis of Coaching and Training

  • Coaching fundamentals and philosophies
  • Laws of training
  • Exercise physiology and energy systems
  • Sports nutrition
  • Sports psychology
  • Injury prevention and treatment
Day 2: Techniques of Training

  • Training cycles
  • Training progressions
  • Race planning and recovery
  • Effort based and heart rate training
  • Individualization of coaching
  • Developing training and racing plans
And, of course, I'll provide details after the be on the lookout for it!

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