Friday, March 9, 2012

RRCA Coach Class - Day 1

The course was pretty much what I expected.  Janet is a good instructor...she keeps the information moving, even though everyone was tired of sitting in the same chair for 8 hours!  Today's class consisted of:
  • 2.5 hours of exercise physiology
  • 2 hours nutrition
  • 2 hours injury
  • 2 hours coaching
As for the specific sections...  Nutrition was pretty much repeat for me...not much new here that I didn't know.  Coaching was similar to a ton of leadership classes that I've already taken.  The exercise physiology had some information that I knew, but overwhelmingly overwhelming. :)  Yep, thats right, a ton of information. The injury section I was most curious about...learned a ton of stuff here as well.  The day was well worth the price thus far.  

We did have some homework assigned, which consisted mostly of creating a training plan for someone who completed a basic informational survey.  We need to come up with some specific questions for this fictitious runner, as well as craft the best plan for his experience and his goals.  Should be interesting.

So, I'm looking forward to the class tomorrow....but still have a lot of things to sink into this brain of mine.  And, that little race the following day....just realized that the whole time change thing will force me to wake up before 5am....ugh.  But, its all good!

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