Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sarasota Half Marathon...Plans are being made

Even though I absolutely know that I felt physically sick for the Gasparilla run, I also didn't take it too seriously since I had no serious urge to run the 15k. Truth be told, I wanted to run the half marathon after I saw the bling (the 15k bling, by comparison, was seriously a let down). I do wonder how/if that changed my mindset leading up to the actual event. What would I have done differently to ensure that I was adequately rested and adequately hydrated? Regardless, that experience will NOT repeat itself. Sarasota is allowing me a chance to redeem myself in the face!

Seriously....just take a look at this bling!  The largest in the state this year! Its gorgeous.  Over 4 inches long!  This road race company knows what they are doing.  The race is actually managed by the same team that handles the Publix Georgia Marathon, the ING Miami Marathon, the Chicago Half Marathon and the 13.1 Race Series. They have a ton of experience to their name...and being that its Sarasota, well lets just say this city doesn't do anything just because.  They may not draw the biggest crowds, but they put the emphasis on bringing upscale visitors to this area to entice them to visit once it should be managed nicely.  So, I suppose my redemption is in good hands?

Now, for the race...its somewhat familiar.  We start close to the Ringling Bridge, which has some serious elevation.  I've done the Ringling Bridge Run in January to get my feet wet with it, but its still something to be considered.  It follows the bridge and wraps around St. Armand's Circle and then back over the bridge.  So, the serious elevation is all in the first few miles.  It then follows Tamiami Trail north and then heads back down hugging the gulf.  There is continuous elevation gains up Tamiami....I think I've felt them in the car, so you know they will be more severe running.  But then again, its pretty much all just a few feet above sea what goes up will go down.  So, the course is familiar somewhat.  At least, I've been on these streets, so feeling them under my shoes will be a new experience and seeing the street up close and personal will be new, but at least its familiar.

Water stations appear sufficient.  There will also be a sports drink at every single water station (as well as a porta-potty), which is nice.  Not sure whether that will be powerade or gatorade, but fortunately, my stomach isn't sensitive to either.

Race starts at 7am.  The weather has been unpredictable lately.  Right now, Sunday is expected to be a low of 63 and high of 83....and partly cloudy.  I'm anticipating a 66 degree start, and hopefully finish before it hits 75.  Its not optimum and I do hope that we get an unexpected cold spell in a few days...but its probably not going to happen.  At least I'll consider this a good dry-run for the Iron Girl (for the weather impact, at least).

I will conquer this one.  I'm ready for it.  I have plans to sleep in Thursday night, Friday night and get to bed early on Saturday.  My RRCA class is actually the two days prior, so I will be all pumped and prime for running!  At least, I hope so! :)

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