Sunday, March 25, 2012

I "collect"

I can't help it, and maybe I don't want to stop!  I remember when I was a child, I was a girl scout (the whole brownie and junior girl scout thing) and I absolutely LOVED collecting the badges from projects that I earned.  I thrived on it.  I remember delving into the book o' badges to see badges would be "low hanging fruit" for me.  See, if I knew I had to do 4 things and I've already experienced 2, let's knock those others out and get...that....badge!  And yes, I still have my girl scout sash somewhere!

I suppose collecting the bling from races is similar.  I don't much care for the shirts (except maybe the Florida Road Race Series) and most of the stuff at the expo I typically don't use...but its the bling that I like.  Just looking at it is satisfaction of my effort.


  1. I am so with you. Even though I don't hang them in a predominant space in my house (my laundry room, in fact) I love love love seeing them and it makes me so happy to know how I got them. Someday I'm going to pick a race based solely on how awesome the medal is!

  2. They are hung in my office. Its very much at the center of the house, but you cannot see them unless you are sitting in my office. its a reminder of personal satisfaction, but also reminds me to keep going to get more. Now, this type of motivation may not work for all...but its how my mind operates, so I know it motives I should absolutely display them somewhere that I can see!


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