Monday, March 26, 2012

Tri Basics 101 - Event Order

Sprint triathlons are a bit unique...they often use a reverse order of legs, compared to longer events.  In a typical triathlon, the order of events is swim-bike-run.  Many sprint triathlons will be the reverse: run-bike-swim.

Why does this matter?  You can adjust your training and pacing appropriately.  If swimming is your weakest event and swimming is last, you need to know how to save your strength and strengthen that so you don't hit the wall on this event.

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  1. Swim-bike-run is typical of even sprint triathlons. I have only ever done one sprint tri in reverse and it was in a pool -- I have not been able to find it again. I chose it because I wanted a pool swim and thought it would be easier. It was way harder. You don't want to swim last because you are exhausted by then and swimming in a lake after running and biking might be a recipe for drawing.

    That reminds me of another tip, be sure to swim in a lake before race day even for a sprint tri. It is really different and most people freak out, so you don't want the first time you put your face in a lake and can't see anything to be in a race.


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