Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sarasota Half Marathon Expo

The expo was disappointing.  Granted, I had very little time to browse anyway (had to go straight from the RRCA class to the expo...class ended at 5pm, expo closed at 7pm), so I suppose it was a good thing.

Problem is...the expo took over the lobby, atrium and another small conference room...and there really wasn't much there.  The space was simply too small!  It felt cramped, and nobody had any interest in staying longer than they really needed to.

I did manage to pick up 3 Sweatybands look-alikes....called Chicabands.  Definitely look to be just as good quality for a lot less.  3 for $30!  Why is it I have a hard time leaving an expo with nothing in my bag?  The bag really should be enough!

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