Friday, March 16, 2012

Body Image

I know this girl.  She is 21.  She is a size 1.  She is on a diet.  Incredulous, isn't it?  And yet, I'm sure this same thing occurs throughout our society on a regular basis.  We are really harsh on ourselves, aren't we? Its interesting when you see yourself through others' eyes though. This is a great website for women to do just that.

My Body Gallery

So, do you really NEED to lose weight to look great? Maybe not....maybe you are perfectly fine right now.  I'm a size 8 bottom, hourglass, size M on top, 5'4" ....I honetly think that weight shouldn't even be entered into this grid.  It really doesn't matter...its the size of your body we should be concerned about (or not).  Someone who is 160 or 140....they could wear the same size clothes!  So, I entered "any", I don't look so bad through other people's eyes!  I think we need to remind ourselves of this quite often.  I'm all for toning up and getting rid of extra fat around the mid-section, but it should be done for health reasons and not asthetic....seriously, our personal view of how we look should NOT come into play.  We are too biased on the "skinny."

After plugging in your figures, were you pleasantly surprised at how others see you?

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