Thursday, March 8, 2012

RRCA Coach Class Prep Work

Seriously, this quarter is crazy busy!  Between Joe's tax season, race season, kitchen fire fiasco and STILL not being able to cook a meal at home, and an acquisition at work...its BUSY!  But, even though all of this craziness is occurring, I am still looking forward to the RRCA Coach class coming up!

The instructor will be Janet Hamilton of Georgia (website Running Strong).  She has already been in contact with us to gather some basic information, which she will compile and share with the rest of the class:
  • Name
  • Running Experience
  • What you do in “real life”
  • Coaching Experience
  • E-mail address
  • Website  
She also clarified that this course is not intended for you to jump out there and sell your coaching services, but is a first step to immerse you into the sport, and afford you the opportunity to grow and become a true coach:
As described on the RRCA website – the course covers the basic fundamentals and science related to coaching and developing sound training plans. This course sets the stage for further learning as a coach, and should be viewed as a starting point of your coaching education in the coming years. A primary focus of the coaching certification process is to enhance participation in our sport of running by training coaches. It is the hope of the RRCA that these trained and certified coaches will ensure their athletes have intelligent training programs which help to extend their running careers, have more fun running, and minimize the risks of overuse injuries. 

Of course, to become certified, I need to complete both days, pass an exam, and be CPR (in person class) and First Aid (in person or online) certified (will be able to get those certifications through work next time they are offered at least!)  But, I need to get these within 60 days of completing the course...yikes!
So, I'l be in class the next two days (8am-5pm) least breakfast and lunch will be provided each day!  I just need to bring a copy of a training plan that I've recently used or provided for someone else (and a calculator, pen and paper)

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