Saturday, March 17, 2012

Florida Beach Halfathon Plans & Expectations

Tomorrow, I will join a group of runners for the pure joy of running.  I'm not in it for the bling (well, not completely).  I didn't even anticipate adding this race to my schedule until a mere 3 weeks ago.  But, I'm doing it.  I'll break 2:30, but I don't plan on anything faster than a 2:20.  Again, I'm going for fun.  I think the rest of the races this race season I will be approaching in a similar manner.

Chris's race series is held at Fort DeSoto park, one of the most picturesque in the entire state.  There are several races in the series, but this one is the Florida Beach Halfathon.

Good news: the race starts a bit before dawn, but the first leg is on mostly paved paths.  By the time dawn breaks, we will experience a beautiful sunrise on the beach, and then when the sun rises, our back should be to it for the remainder of the race.

Bad news: Pinellas County has recently implemented a new parking fee of $5 per day per car.  In years past, the race has pre-paid the $.35 state toll, allowing all runners/volunteers/spectators to be waived through the toll booth to avoid congestion.  Unfortunately, $5/car is too much to absorb through race fees.  To reduce congestion, pre-paid parking passes will be offered for sale at packet pick-up.  I can't do early packet pickup, so I'll have to ensure that I have exact change ($5) ready to go for the park entrance. sunpasses or credit cards are accepted for payment.  I think the new fee is fine, but do wish that there were other payment options than just cash.  Seriously, thats an internal audit nightmare.

Now, I'm prepared for parking...just need to find out how to pick up my packet!


  1. Have fun. It looks so beautiful where you are.

  2. Have fun tomorrow! I was going to run this race as my 6th in 6 months, but I thought it better to rest up my legs after 2 in a row so I can push hard next week at the 10K. I really want to do one of them next year. Those medals are cool and I've heard really good things about this whole series.

  3. It was a beautiful course Fell...and yes Kitzzy, its a race definitely worth doing. Consider the Halloween Half. Similar course and medal :)


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