Friday, March 23, 2012

2012-2013 Race Calendar

So, I threw out all the races that I want to do...warning...its a lot!
  • 2 5Ks
  • 2 4-Milers
  • 2 5-Milers
  • 9 Half Marathons
The 5K's are local and I think these are simply traditions in the making. Robinson Preserve is 3 miles away from my house and my first "trail" and Canes Classic is about 2 miles away and is a speedy cross-country race (and the first race of the season) for lots of runners in the area (lots of times under 20 minutes is not unusual here).

There are two 4-milers. UPCC is beautiful...the only time you can actually run ON a golf course.  Its about 70% grass/trail and 30% paved, by my recollection.  The spread afterwards is gorgeous...really classy.  The other 4-miler is the Ringling Bridge.  Its an intimidating bridge, but its a great little race to judge your "hill" stamina, and its a great predecessor for the Sarasota Half since it runs the same bridge.

The two 5-milers are put on by Bradenton Runners Club, and extremely well done.  The Turkey Trot one is no-fee (bring food to share and donate) and timed.  Amazingly organized for a free race...I would seriously pay for this one if I needed to.  The Manatee River Run is their annual fundraiser. 

The one 10-miler I want to do (Tower of Terror 10k in September)...just don't think it will be possible.  Joe may be at Oktoberfest this year for a big boy's trip (mind you, its with my brothers and father).  While I can appreciate the idea of a boy's-only vacation, I must say that I'm a tad jealous that he gets to go to Germany before me.

The half marathons are aplenty, but pretty well spaced out (except January-March).  That is going to be hectic, but at least there are only two back-to-back weekends.  So, as long as I stay healthy, I can do them.  As for the summer, maybe I should try a mud run or two?  Just to keep busy!

Drumroll please....
  • 9/3/12 Canes Classic 5k*
  • TBD University Park Country Club 4-Miler*
  • 9/29/12 Tower of Terror 10 Miler – may have major schedule conflict
  • 10/28/12 Florida Halloween Halfathon
  • 11/18/12 Women’s Running Half Marathon
  • 11/22/12 BRC Turkey Trot 5-Miler (my club)*
  • 12/9/12 Florida Holiday Halfathon
  • 12/31/12 BRC Manatee River Run 5-Miler*
  • TBD Ringling Bridge 4-Miler*
  • 1/20/13 Disney Tinkerbell Half Marathon or Clearwater Halfathon
  • 1/27/13 ING Miami Half
  • 2/10/13 St Petesrburg Rock-n-Roll*
  • 2/24/13 Disney Princess Half Marathon*
  • 3/17/13 Sarasota Half Marathon* or Florida Beach Halfathon*
  • TBD Robinson Preserve 5k*
  • TBD Iron Girl Half Marathon*
The races above with asteriks are being run in the 2011-2012 race season, so race report links are/will be available here.

The biggest obstacle I have is knowing how to train once racing season begins.  I completely get how to train for a half marathon...knowing what I have to do and why.  But, once race season starts, how should I handle those weeks in between races?  Over the summer, I really need to nail down that part.  I "get" what I need to analyze...I just need to analyze it!

So, am I going to kill myself in the process?  I hope not!  I just need to be smart and diligent, so the schedule keeps me from injury and keeps my family sane!


  1. What helps, if you are planning to race any of these to PR vs just to finish, is to pick an A race and train for that using the others as training runs (it can be speed work) towards that main race. When I tried for my last marathon this past year, I didn't race as often but those that I did were only when they fit into my schedule. For example, instead of doing 12 mile repeats, I ran a half marathon at marathon race pace, which was still a PR because I had improved so much during my marathon training. Good luck!

  2. That was my plan...I just need to determine which ones are "training" races versus which ones I want to be "PR" effort. :)


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