Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This online community has been great. I can't really talk about exercise and fitness on Facebook, and honestly, most of my friends do not do much! But here, thats all I talk about :) Check out my profile here.

I think the best things about daily mile are:

  • Finding people that want to support you and give you feedback/ideas on your fitness

  • You can "friend" people that you don't even know in real life, and its ok and even encouraged!

  • You can brag about running or anything else and nobody bores of it

  • Your friends won't want to disown you if all you ever talk about is running

  • If you see that your running miles this week are still listed as a big ole goose egg, you are more encouraged to do something about it!

  • If you see everyone exercising, you want to do more!

  • You can see average time performances improve over time

  • You can make mileage goals easily (or weekly ones) and quickly be able to determine if you are reaching them

  • You can easily track how many miles you've run on your shoes (afterall, you should start looking at new shoes around mile 400 or so, depending on your weight)

  • You know that there are other "crazy mothers" out there (and fathers) just like you!
Now, could logging your fitness ever be a bad thing?

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