Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly B12/MIC Injection

So, I'm a sucker for groupon deals...and this one, I didn't want to pass up. Basically, I purchased 5 shots of MIC, that will be self-administered (I have no issues with this personally) to aid in weight loss and energy. I feel like I'm just exhausted lately, and its probably due to my recent illness, but I want energy so bad! Anyways, there are no "questionable" ingredients in the MIC injection. its simply a highly-absorbable combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids your body needs to maintain energy. The MIC includes vitamins that aid in fat-burning as well, making it an important part of your weight loss plan. MIC contain:

  • The amino acid Methionine which helps break down fat, and increases energy lean muscle mass.

  • The vitamin Inositol which is vital for the metabolism of fat and cholesterol.

  • Vitamin B12, necessary for proper digestion, protein synthesis, and the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

  • Choline which contributes to cardiovascular health.

  • Chromium, a mineral that plays a vital role in the synthesis of fats, cholesterol and proteins. It is an energy source.

Because its injected and not ingested, very few elements are lost in the digestive process, so its more potent and therefore more effective. I'll get my first shot Wednesday (third day of the Slim in 6, and of my 6-day strict diet) and then I'll see how it goes. More importantly, I'm craving energy and a boost to my B12 will be so welcomed! Hey, if the amino acids help with fat mobility, I'm just seeing it as an added benefit!

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