Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, Joe is starting back to playing baseball every week. Its been almost 5 months since he played (he had rotator cuff surgery back at the end of April, which gave me the time/opportunity to check out this whole "running" thing). I'm so glad that he is going back to play in the sport he loves. I've never understood how a sport can really complete you, but I see it in him. He's an athlete, always has been. He's been playing ball since he was 7! And he's been pitching for at least 35 years (with a a few years break here and there). He's 50 this year, and still pitching...and he's holding his own with a ton of 20-30 year olds. Its actually humorous to see them play. The young kids immediately think that he's an easy one to hit off of him, due to his grayness (or should I say ultra blonde?), but they learn quickly. He also has an unorthodox pitching style (side thrower rather than top thrower), which honestly let him wait until he was 50 for this surgery!

So, schedules are ramping up for the season. Ella and Zoran have soccer practice Wednesday evenings, and their games are on Friday. Joe has baseball Wednesday night. Ella will have softball start up soon (not sure the days yet). Joe is running 2-3 times in the evenigs, after his dog walks. So, as you can see its going to be interesting to balance all of this and keep up with my routine!

But, its important, and I know I need to remind myself of just that. I'll try to do cardio in the morning...if I'm up prior to 6am, I should have more than enough time to jump on the elliptical or do a quick 5k on the road. Then, it doesn't deter from any family time. Weekends are another issue altogether, as I do want to get in at least one long run every weekend. So, I just need to find an hour or more for this.

But again, my health is a priority....so I need to MAKE the time. Do you realize that if I write this enough I will actually believe it someday?

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