Friday, September 16, 2011

Goal, Goal, Focus on the Goal

While I talk a lot about health, weight loss, of the reasons I'm so gung ho on all of this is because I want to do stellar when I run my scheduled half marathons next Spring. Its so overwhelming, but doable I think, and I just think that if I drop the last 15 pounds, I will be so prepared for it....its one small step. I've come such a long way this year already (190 lbs in April, 152 pounds now). Every extra pound of fat that I get rid of better prepares me, strengthens me, invites me to compete. I so don't want to let all of my effort to just be in vain....sure I want to look hot (maybe even MILF-like status!) but I want to be FIT and HEALTHY and STRONG moreso than anything else.

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