Saturday, September 17, 2011

University Park Country Club 4-Miler Race Update

So, I ran in the UPCC race. I didn't expect much at all since I was down with a severe cold for over a week, prior to the race. No running for an entire week...I felt that down. I didn't even dare step on the elliptical for fear of not being able to breathe or collapsing, or both!

Honestly, I was thinking about not even going, even though I already paid for it....yeah, thats how poorly I expected to do. But then 2 days prior, I tried to go for a run. I did a 5k distance in a sad 35 minutes, but at least I finally found some rhythm, so I was committed to try. I didn't expect to do very well, but at least I can say that I was out there, right?

But, the kids were both going to be in the kids races, so I couldn't back out! My race would start at 7:30, and the kids races would be at 8:30. Ella will run with the 5-6 year olds, which is a 200 meter run. Zoran will run with the 3-4 year olds, which is a 100 meter run.

So, how was it? Well organized, but I expected that since it was co-hosted by Fit2Run. The course was lovely, which was also to be expected since the club is always known as keeping a nice golf course....but it was nice to run in such an open space, free from worrying about uneven grass causing injury.

That being said, it was a tough course...the rolling hills of the golf course were unexpected. I expected some hills, but not to this extent. Some of their tees, I swear golfers were surprised to have to walk uphill this much, and we had to run it! I shouldn't fact, some of the runners around me should be complaining. I was definitely NOT over my cold, so I was clearing my throat and/or coughing throughout the run. I'm sure I distracted more than a few people. I even felt that there were some runners who would choose to walk, only to run again when I caught up with them. They were probably thinking that they couldn't let someone who is obviously sick beat them!

I walked for about 30 seconds after the first 1.2 mile mark. Then again at the water stops, just walking through them....and then again 2 short breaks between mile 3 and 4. I felt great at the end, so I probably could have pushed it a bit more, but thats ok...I'm still getting over this nasty cold. Finish time 45:37 (11 of 16 in my age group).

So, by the time I finished, we had just enough time to grab a quick bite and head on over to the kids races, which started at the same place that I started the run. We were late. Zoran is slow anyways, so the girls were running ahead and got there in enough time, but by the time Zoran and I got there, we realized that the area where the 3-4 year olds run is another 100 meters away! Needless to say, the little man was tired before the run even started. All finishers received a medal, and both kids also placed so they received a trophy as well. It was a small field, so they had a great chance at this. Zoran was a bit disappointed that he got the green trophy (3rd place boy in his 3-4 year old group) and not the blue trophy (his favorite color). Ella placed 2nd for girls in her age group (5-6 year olds). All in all, very well done.

So, would we run this again? Definitely. Its a beautiful course. The weather was lovely. Much of the course is either early enough not to be hindered by the sun, or shaded paths. The water stops were well-placed. The food at the end was a nice spread, outside the main clubhouse....well appointed with nice tablecloths :) And its for firefighters' funds....great run all around.

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