Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kettlebells are a ringing!

I'm so interested in trying this workout. I've heard absolutely fabulous things about kettlebells....surprisingly, most people simply say that they are fun! I know more than one person who just smiles when they start talking about them. How is it NOT intriguing???

So, you ask, what is a kettlebell? Quite simply, imagine a small cannon with a handle attached to it. Its a traditional exercise of Russia, so it has quite the history! It combines cardio, strength and a routine of simple movements of swings. Because the center of mass is beyond your hand (unlike free weights or dumbbells), you build strength by swining the bell. Your strength is built by these repetitions, specifically lower back, legs, shoudlers. Many of the basic movements work your entire body at once, just as shoveling a snowy walkway would. But, I assure you, without the bulk of the polyester fiberfill and the freezing temperatures, its much more comfortable to do!

That being said, if one has back or shoulder problems, avoid them! Even a weak core should negate one from using these until they are strong enough to handle the weight.

Now, there are a ton of kettlebells on the market. Water, sand and everything in between. But, if you plan to be serious, buy a real one... like CAP kettlebells. Hey, they can even be purchased by Walmart online! And, you only need no full set needed. When you outgrow one, then simply by the one that is 5 pounds greater than you are currently using. this exercise routine, its not expensive. A video may set you back $10 or so (see Bob Harper's videos) and a 20 lb kettlebell may cost you $30. Fro those that have been doing anything though, you may want to start at 25 lbs (men may want to start at 30 lbs).

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