Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lunch Bunch Run

So, the last few weeks, I've been running with two other people at work during lunch. Its been great! One has never run before, and the other has exercised in the past but has self-acknowledged that she is far from where she wants to be (in terms of fitness and weight). So, its worked out nicely. I don't mind doing the walk-run-walk thing with them, as I just think of it as extra exercise, which is definitely better than me sitting on my butt everyday at work! And today when we are at the locker room, we ran into another person that may want to join us....the more, the merrier!

So today, we've worked up to a modified C25k week 3 (its more aggressive than week 3, but not quite as heavy as week 4). We did:

Warm up 5 minute walk
Run 3.5 minutes, Walk 1 minute
Run 3 minutes, Walk 1 minute
Run 2 minutes, Walk 1-1.5 minute (and repeated 4 more times)
Cool Down 5 minute walk

Left the office at 12, was dressed and parked at our nearby route within 15 minutes...did our thing for 35 minutes, was back at the office 5 minutes later and back to work by 1:15. Not Bad!

A few things I like about this. When we do this, I tend to eat less during the day...maybe because I have less time to be bored? I like the comaraderie. I like being the best runner in the bunch (although I know that won't last long because both of them are much younger than me!). I like the social aspect of the run. I like the fact that people arrange their schedules, so you simply cannot cancel or be non-committal about it! There simply is no downside (except the noon heat in Florida!). Sure, its not an aggressive run, but I bet we'll all be fitter because of it...and in 2 months, I bet it will be more miles in less time. So, if I have to wait it out until they are physically ready, there is nothing wrong with that!

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