Sunday, September 18, 2011

Running: The Time Saver Sport of Choice

Why is running so popular these days? Sure, it spiked in the early 80s when our economy was in the crapper, and its questionably stable now as well….so many would correlate running (presumed to be a cheap sport) with a stressed out economy. But, to me, running is not a cheap sport. Basketball, baseball…those are comparable in price, but you still do not see a surge in participation in these sports with a faulty economy. So, why the surge now?

I personally see it as a time saver. I simply do not have the time to get dressed, drive to a gym, wait in line for equipment, work out, change/shower, drive home. If I do this, I either miss out on a family dinner or putting the kids to bed. But running has so many time benefits. I can change, run a 5k around the neighborhood after dinner, and finish while the kids are still taking a bath! I can make story time. I can make goodnight kisses. I can be supermom!

Sure, it’s a pricey sport for me. See, I’m a gadget girl. I need the accessories. I need the cute lululemon skirts, the garmin watch, the comfy clothes…While I understand that some see the skirts as a detractor to serious competition, I don’t at all. If anything, they let me move between mom duties and running duties more seamlessly. And the bright cute tops? Well, I prefer to run in the road where the surface isn’t nearly as cambered (I’ve learned my lesson), so I will wear anything that lets those cars see me from a farther distance! So, the dollars keep adding up…but it’s a small price to pay for fitness.

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