Friday, September 16, 2011

Monthly Beachbody Order

Ok, so I placed my monthly home-direct order (this means it autoships every month and therefore I have to pay no S&H fees). Fortunately, all of this is tax-free for Florida residents...I suppose anything supplement/protein/meal replacement-related in Florida is considered similar to any other necessary food item, and therefore garners no tax.

So, what did I order?

  • MDSUPSLF630HDSlimming Formula - Home Direct1 22.46

  • MDSUPWHEYV30HDWhey Protein Powder Van HD1 29.96

  • MDSUSH31202HDShakeology Chocolate Bag 30 Srv - HD1 89.96

I think when the new shakeology flavor comes out, I'll opt for that as well, assuming my husband continues with his morning Shakeology. So, why did I order these?

Well, the shakeology has become a typical morning meal...and if we eat breakfast out or something else, its a nice light dinner. When we are out all day long, we tend to eat breakfast late and lunch late, so when dinner time comes around, we are simply not that hungry, but still need something little. Shakeology has served that purpose. Its easy to make at home, and yummy!

Protein powder...well, I've been using protein powder for months now. Since I've been very focused on losing weight, I absolutely know the worst thing to do is to lose muscle in the process....and thats an uphill battle, so I've been using protein powder to ensure that I lose as little muscle as absolutely necessary. After all, whats the point of losing weight if your caloric needs drop considerably, which just means that you won't adjust your eating habits significantly enough and simply gain all the weight back! So, between the shakeology 18 grams of protein and the supplemental 20 grams, thats half of my daily requirements in one little drink! Simple...I like simple.

Now, the so-called "slimming formula" is a calcium-pyruvate + green tea extract which helps metabolize fat. I've spoken to several nutritionists about this combination before, and they are always I'll give the beachbody product a go and see how it feels!

I'll report back if I think the monthly cost doesn't justify the effects...after all, if I can't justify this cost for the perceived/real benefits, I'm certainly not going to continue it!

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