Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I am a mean boss!

So, I convinced one of my interns to do a 5K with me in November. That makes her sound young and impressionable though, right? Actually, she's 30 and is going back to school to change careers and working as a member of my team for this school year...so I'm not really coercing her, right? She's a big girl and can make her own decisions! She's so out of shape (by her own comments) and needs to gain some control in her life (and running is a perfect means to this, right?)....the girl is typically a small size 4, but this last year has really made her body unrecognizable to herself, so this is really good for her! I know, I know...it sounds as if I'm trying to convince her, but really she is all game for it!

So, I've told her about the C25k program, and she's tried it off and on for several weeks now but still can't get past week 1. She just bought a running skirt and is determined to get through the first week this week! And, because I'm just that kinda gal, I told her every Wednesday we could run during lunch and do the C25k program on that run. So, next week, I'm going to be in deja vu land and start at week 2 of the C25K :)

Actually, it will be nice....an easy workout mid-week, even though the weather will be awful. But, hey, its only partial running for 30 minutes, right? And besides, by the time it starts to cool down here in mid October, thats when we will start doing more true running and more true sweating, so maybe it will all work out?

Works out for me anyways. I want to do a short 20-30 minute cardio workout wednesdays (I plan on running Tuesday and Thursday nights anyway, but wanted to interperse some light cardio between the two....and this seems perfect). Besides, my kids will have soccer practice Wednesday nights, and Joe will start baseball soon enough Wednesday nights so I have few opportunities once that ramps up. This just seems perfect to fill the need to exercise, fit it into the schedule AND make it a social thing :)

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