Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Motivate when there is No Motivation There?

I was having lunch with a friend yesterday (Jane, the one who got me started running), and she mentioned that she wanted to see if our other friend was interested in trying C25K once the weather cools down. While I love the idea, I simply don't think this friend is ready....I think she has the desire, but not enough motivation. So, if we stared it with her, how would it end?

  • She would do great and finish

  • She would do ok, and continue on (albeit at a slower pace) but stay motivated

  • She would quit once she hit the dreaded 5 week mark

  • She would quit after one week and feel like a failure

  • She would quit after one week and ignore us

  • She would quit after one week and feel worse about herself than she did before (and then correlate us with those feelings)

  • She would find excuses not to start
Maybe I'm thinking the worst scenario possible, but then again the majority of people who start C25K do NOT finish. I honestly don't think she has the drive for this. I see it in so many other aspects of her life. She is so vocal. She is driven. She is so enagaged in activities and maybe she needs the social aspect which we could offer? But then again, we went to a few yoga class before and she dropped those fairly quickly.

I suppose I think of my commitment, and I know that each person has that one particular breaking point where they know that they have to change their habits and activities and such. So, how do you determine if/when you should step in and say something to someone else? I'm not sure.

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