Friday, September 2, 2011

Where am I...Where do I want to be?

I cannot believe that just last Christmas I weighed 190 pounds. Isn't that simply astounding? I'm not sure how it happened....well, I do know...and I do blame it all on the kids!

I gained weight just trying to conceive my daughter. I actually had two back-to-back miscarriages, so I was extra diligent to try to get every morsel of nutrition into my body. I selected foods that were very nutritious, abiding by the "blue ribbon" diet for pregnancy, and ignored the calorie content of everything. I would have done this again....I simply wanted to make sure that I kept the next child I conceived! I was getting pregnant very easily, but simply couldn't keep the pregnancy. Countless tests and genetics were reviewed, and the only thing that seemed to hinder me was my that was my focus. I was 150 pounds when these events began...that was a comfortable size 8 for me.

And after I had my daughter and nursed her for 6 months (you really can't diet when you are nursing), I found myself pregnant with my son. So, basically, I was pregnant/nursing for 36 month straight! That screws up your body totally!

Once I finished nursing my son, I was so focused on getting them to eat properly, sleep properly and active, I always was putting myself last. Doesn't that sound familiar? So, I eventually ballooned to 190 pounds. I saw the family pictures from Christmas last year, and I simply couldn't comprehend that I was larger than my mom....I have always had it in my head that she was a larger woman. This simply cannot be. I need to do something about it!

That was my impetus to get healthy. It took me a bit of time to ramp up after seeing those Christmas pictures....about 4 months. My husband was scheduled to have rotator cuff/labram surgery, so he would be available to do everything at home (within reason) and not be participating in his weekly basketball/baseball I knew that if I want to make any change, and had to devote a lot of time to it, this was the best time! This is the only time where the kids' schedules/needs would not be altered if I do this, as Joe would be there a home to take care of them.

So, the week after his surgery, I began to run. I started with running, and then altered my diet slowly. I staved off the sugar, and slowly weaned off of the caffeine. I have tried countless things, and when i got bored of one thing, I switched it to another. What surprises me is that the running (while extremely difficult at first, because I was so out of shape and carrying so much weight) has not bored me at all. While it has become the cornerstone of my exercise routine, I have been able to complement it with different activities as well.

I've also transformed my diet. Sure, I imbibe in treats and other items routinely, but its all in moderation. For years I have focused on buying healthy foods for the house, but then that only helped one meal/day! Now, I am eating well throughout the day. I think Shakeology has really instilled this discipline in me already. Its the start of my sets my "food" mood throughout the day, which just keeps me focused on making good choices. I don't beat myself up when I take a break and indulge, but rather when I drink the shake the next morning, I am starting again on this mission to be healthy.

My current goal is to get to 140-145 before Christmas, which will put me squarely in the "healthy" BMI category. I am now carrying more muscle than ever before, so I'm pleased with this range, and I do believe I will be a perfect size 6 as a result.

My kids deserve a mom that will be around, free from illnesses. They need me, and I want to be there for them. Is there any better reason to focus on my health? I think not.


  1. ((Hugs)) to you! I can relate to this entire post! From the miscarriages (I also had 2) to being pregnant or nursing for 4 years to just plain running out of energy.

    You go mama! You are going to hit your goal!! Keep your eyes on the prize...A HEALTHY YOU!!You are an AWESOME role model to your children :) Looking forward to following you on your journey!

  2. Awww....its so nice to see a kindred spirit! After going through that, you really can honestly understand how your body is capable of changing! Thank you so much for the encouragement!


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