Monday, September 19, 2011

Slim in 6 - Week 1

Ok, today is Slim in 6, day 1. I decided to work this along with the enclosed "6 day express" diet plan, so I'm glad I didn't just jump into it as I needed to shop for a few specific items!

The first week (first 6 days, as day 7 is a rest day), focus on jump starting your metabolism and getting some serious dead weight off your body. It will be a busy week, so I'm glad that I'm doing this AFTER my 4-mile race, which was this past weekend!

Regimen for the next 6 days only:

  • Every morning, I will run for 20-30 minutes or jump on the elliptical for 20-30 minutes

  • Every evening, I will do the "Start it Up" video

  • Every evening, I will do either the "Slim & Limber" short video or the "Slim & 6-pack" short video

  • 3 times a day, I will take my "slimming formula" supplement

  • Every day, I will follow the "Plan 2" diet (see below)
There were 3 diet plans to chose from, but this one seemed to be a reach for me, but still attainable. I can do anything for 6 days, so I'll go for it. The meal plan within "Plan 2" did have options, but for simplicity, I'm sticking to this:

  • Breakfast: Shakeology + water + PB2 + 1/2 banana

  • Snack: Protein shake in almond milk

  • Lunch: Lettuce/Spinach + Cucumbers + Celery + grilled chicken + balsalmic vinaigrette

  • Snack: 1/2 cup unsalted peanuts

  • Dinner: 4oz chicken/fish + 2 cups bok choy/chard + mustard

  • Snack: 1 cup herbal tea
Seems a tad dull, I know (surprisingly the snacks/breakfast are fine with me, its the lunch/dinner that will bore me). But, on average, this should give me about 1200 calories/day that include only 80g carbs, 120g protein and only 10g fat....should be in serious ketosis as a result, right? After this week, I hope the 140's show on my scale....if they do, this will be the first time since pre-pregnancy years that they appeared and will very much make the effort worthwhile!!!

After this week, I can drop the specialized diet and the extra workouts and just focus on the regular routines (along with my standard running three times/week). So, I'm thinking that week 2 will include the "Ramp it Up" video, in addition to one of the two supplemental videos ("Slim & 6 Pack" or "Slim and Limber").

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