Sunday, September 11, 2011

Salutation Nation 2011 Review

Yesterday was great! We parked in the Ringling Museum parking lot and walked the 1/2 mile path to the original estate. All 300 yogis were sprawled on their mats in front of the estate's shaded entrance, facing the gulf. We were able to get front row seating of the gulf's waters, and fish were consistently jumping out of the water and splashing. The breeze was great as well...and just the sound of the water rushing around was a pleasant change. They even had a drummer (probably from the Siesta Key Drum Circle) beat along with the program.

There were three teachers. The first one focused on meditation, the second one went through basic poses, and the third one...she was tough. Maybe I was still tired as a result of my fast, but I was seriously sweating and it wasn't solely a result of the heat and humidity!

I would definitely do this again next year....just to be able to do yoga while facing the gulf and a nice breeze was memorable.

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