Thursday, September 22, 2011

Running with the Worlds Best

What other sport allows us mere commoners to participate in the same exact event as a world elite record holder? None...except running. I have the ability to run in the same exact race, same starting line as the world's best athletes. We can run the same course, under the same conditions, under the same sun and finish in the same day (at least I hope so). I can say I ran in the same race as Kara Goucher or Ryan Hall. What other non-runner, non-elite athlete can ever say that? Its a great sport, isn't it?


  1. So true! Had never really thought about this.
    I've been on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a car, but will never be on the track under race conditions. But a running race....that can be different.

  2. Its so true....I cant even think of another sport that comes close to letting you compete direct with elite athletes, unless you want to pay serious cash for some sort of fundraising effort.


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