Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shakeology 14-Day Challenge - Day 14 Final Update

So, week 2 consisted of the following (and in paranthesis is what I did):

Monday: Upper/Core + optional 15-20 minutes speedwork session (Upper/Core)
Tuesday: 30 minutes Cardio (1 hour running)
Wednesday: Upper/Core + optional 15-20 minutes speedwork session (Upper/Core)
Thursday: 30 minutes Cardio (40 minutes running)
Friday: Upper/Core + optional 15-20 minutes speedwork session (Upper/Core)
Saturday: 60 minutes Cardio (20 minutes running)
Sunday: Rest + optional upper/core (nothing but rest, as I have my first race tomorrow!)

I was also pretty consistent with logging my food intake. I averaged 1600-1700 calories/day. Most days seem to average 55% carbs, 35% protein (100 grams/day was my goal) and 10% fat. Just with the calorie reduction alone, I should have lost 1 pound (250 calorie deficit estimate X 14 days), but I also gained some muscle throughout this time. Sure, not much...but some. So, I started at 156....and where am I now, you ask? Drumroll please.......154.

As for my stats, this is what I logged into the beachbody website on Day 1 and Day 14:

Weight 156 - 154
Waist 30.5 - 30.0
Buttocks 39 - 38
Chest 38 - 38
Right Upper Arm 12 - 11.67
Left Upper Arm 11.7 - 11.67
Right Upper Thigh 23 - 22.5
Left Upper Thigh 23 - 22.5
Body Fat 26.36% - 26.14%
BMI 26.8% - 26.4%

Overall, for two weeks, I felt the results were pretty decent. Sure, not much...but it was ONLY two weeks, right? But...I do feel a bit leaner. When I wake up in the morning, my body just feels more slim, even when lying down (and seriously, thats when you really do feel fat because the fat rolls to one side of your body rather than sits uniformly around your abdomen!). My transformation is a work in progress....I don't expect overnight results, and it would be naive of me to assume that 2 weeks can transform me! I just need to continue to focus on the overall goal. A healthy body fat percentage, a healthy BMI, and the endurance to handle several half marathons next year, and the strength to start the P90X program!

As for the shakeology, I am committed to it for the next few months. It sure does help to fill in those missing nutrients when you don't get in enough calories. I probably have consumed about 200 calories/day on somewhat empty calories...which I'm ok with, as I am making good choices 90% of the time. Some days, I've been eating a ton of fruit, and other days none. Some days I eat a ton of veggies, and other days on a weekly basis, my micronutrients seem appropriate, it just helps to ensure that it truly is optimal! And besides, its an easy thing I can do every day (honestly, much more pleasant than taking supplements!)

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