Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Modest Before Running?

When I first attempted to run as part of the C25k program, I committed to capris. Mind you it was early summer in Florida, but the summer here (even early summer) is still brutal. Why would I wear capris? For mere modesty! I hate my legs...especially my inner knees (definitely my worst feature and I have no idea which parent gave me this natural inner knee fat, because their knees look normal!).

It took me a good 10 weeks before I ventured into something shorter....namely running skirts. 10 weeks! I swear I look back on that and wonder why the h-e-double hockey sticks I would ever wear something so HOT (of course, most capris are black, and a few are dark grey) in the summer here in Florida!

So, I've now come to accept that my legs are still not that great although I am beginning to see more muscle tone and less fat covering my bones down there.....but I needed something cooler. Would you believe it? I now mostly where skirts with a 4" inseam. I never would have done that before! Sure, its for comfort...but I now wear shorts every weekend, which shocks my husband (as I've never worn shorts outside of the house before in front of him...yeah, my inner knees are THAT bad). But, its ok now..I don't care. I have a better appreciation for what my legs are capable of doing, and while I still don't like my inner thighs/knees, I accept them now more than ever before....and if that means people have to see more of my leg than they would prefer, so be it.

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