Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slim in 6

Ok, so this is a Beachbody program...same people that developed P90X...and if you have never heard of P90X, you are living in a cave! :)

I'm going to give it a go. Now that the Beachbody 14-day Challenge is almost behind me, I thought this would be a good way to step back on the intensity a bit, but still continue to move forward. I plan to continue the running schedule, of course, but work this in as well. And, I know personally that I can focus on something for 4-6 weeks really well, but any program longer than that just seems to drag on for me. If I mix it up, I know I will stay on my current wellness path for quite some time! Remember that goal of mine? Drop to less than 140 pounds by Christmas and be ready for the 10K and various half marathons next Spring...can we do this? Yes, we can! (I know, too much Bob the Builder in my house these days)

So, what is Slim in 6? Check out the program details here (click on the link, then "shop", then "fitness program"). Its designed for those that do not currently do much in the way of its great to get someone off of the couch! It includes fat-burning cardio with light resistence training to help you tone without bulk. Its supposedly great for the mid-section, as well as thighs, hips and arms.

And of course, I will update everyone how its going and if its working for me...and how intense it really is. I know some people that have no fitness finesse want to get off the couch, so this may be suitable for them...but I am also curious if its enough work to feel like a real workout for those that do something on a regular basis. I've heard it fits both groups of people (just not die hard people...but thats where P90X and Insanity come into play).

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