Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680i Sports Headset

I purchased these earlier this year at a decent deal price on amazon. Now, this was done in the baby days of my running career (I think I'm in the toddler years now). I needed tunes and prompts and everything else just to finish the C25k program. And these fit the bill absolutely perfectly!

Lets look at the pros:
  • The headset fit nicely...snug but never hurt my ears (note that my husband's head is much larger than mine....physically...and he loves them as well)
  • The sounds was stellar, both on low volume and when I pumped it up
  • While the sound was clear, I was still aware of a lot of ambient noise
  • The can be rinsed any sweat (yeah, I sweat....I don't "glow") can easily be removed
  • They never fall out!

  • None...except if you want to count the price. Although you probably can find a deal if you google it a bit.
While I don't use music nearly as much as I did before (I like hearing the sound of my breathing and my footfalls), my husband is using these at least three times a week and would scream if I told him he couldn't! They are made very well and have the added benefit of fitting my kids ears when they are watching something on the iPad....see...I even trust my kids with these things!

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