Friday, September 9, 2011

My daughter...the competitor

She saw me run my first race and was such a HUGE cheerleader for me! Anyway, she want to race, so I signed her up for the kids race that is managed as part of my next 5k. I can't wait to see how she does...she's competitive and pretty fast! Now, my son on the other hand, says he is interested, but so far, he's not shown any athletic we will see if he actually races as well. They will actually be in different heats, so he won't be running "with" her, which may dissuade his interest. I would love for him to experience some joy out of some athletic venture, but I realize its not something you can push....I just hope he views it as an exciting thing rather than filled with dread!

One other thing that is school year, my daughter will be eligible to join the "mileage club" at school. Its an after-school activity where the kids get a free t-shirt, but also log their mileage walking/running with the other club members every Monday after school. She isn't eligible this year, as she's just in kindergarden, but once she's a first out world!

Yes, I know...she's a competitive one...thats why people refer to her as my "mini me" :)

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