Saturday, September 17, 2011

runDisney "Mom's Panel" Application Submitted

I know its a long shoot, but hey, I'm ok with rejection! So, I applied to be a runDisney Disneyworld Mom's panelist. Basically, I'm committing to help and respond to at least 25 messages a week posted on their forum. I love researching things related to running and this just syncs so much with my passion for sharing knowledge!

Also, I do have quite the extensive Disney experience...did you know that? Back in my other life (pre-kids), I worked at Disney. Yep, I did. West coast though....didn't really venture to Florida much. I worked at the Feature Animation division (that building with the sorcerer's apprentice hat) and then also at Disneyland Resort. I loved working for Disney...its just such a special place to work. I was able to participate in some extremely unique events while there:

  • I visited Walt's apartment (sits atop the fire station on Main Street in Disneyland Resort).

  • I dressed up as a character in the park one day and practiced my signature perfectly for the event

  • I competed in a canoe race around the Rivers of America in Disneyland Resort...we even won first place!

  • I was able to see the Grand California resort hotel before it even opened

  • I can actually be spotted in one of the rides (Soarin' Over California's final scene is during the holidays on main street and it was filmed during the Disney holiday party...I know where I was standing and saw a glimpse of me once!)

  • I've seen the original artwork that Dali created in light of a movie he and Walt were working on (never came to fruition though)

  • I've attended several cast and crew premiere parties (and have the paraphernalia to show from it) including Tarzan, 101 Dalmatians, Hunchback, Mulan, etc.
Those are just a few of the prized memories that I have of my former Disney life.

Now, my past experience combined with my interest in running now and my natural love of researching/sharing (which I'm sure you know by now is evident) would be the perfect combination to make me successful in this panel, wouldn't you think? I won't know anything until I'm not holding my breathe. It would be fun though, wouldn't it?

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