Sunday, September 25, 2011

Slim in 6 - Week 2

So, how did the first week go?

  • Monday-Saturday, I followed the "Plan 2" diet protocol. Lots of protein, few carbs, 1300-1500 calories. I cheated once with Boston Market cornbread though :(

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning, I did 25 minutes on the elliptical

  • Tuesday morning, I ran 25 minutes outside (also did mini-runs during lunch with work friends Monday and Thursday)

  • Saturday and Sunday morning, I did a 50 minute run

  • Sunday afternoon, I did a "hot yoga" session for 90 minutes

  • Monday-Saturday evenings, I did the "Start it Up" video, which is 35 minutes
Time Management
By ensuring that the cardio was done first thing in the morning (typically), I was able to doubly ensure that the exercise would not interfere with family time. For the elliptical, I was up and on it 6-6:30am. For the running, I was out the door around 5:45 and returned around 6:20. As for the video in the evening, I tried to time it when my kids were in the bath/shower...they end up playing about 20+ minutes, so I did manage to get most of it done without them feeling deprived of "mom" time. Fortunately, I can be in the family room using the larger space and the larger television and still hear every giggles coming from the master bathroom. The music on the video is not overwhelming, and Debbie (the host) isn't all pumped up and screaming with easy to concentrate on the exercises as well as listen to the kids!

The diet was doable. I rescheduled all of my work lunches for the following week, so I wouldn't be tempted (or overly questioned) with other food options. Joe ended up dieting with me simply by circumstance since he ate the same foods for breakfast/dinner (he usually does the shakeology in the morning anyways). Now, if one has a sweet tooth, better curb that craving before this diet, otherwise, it will be too hard to do.

As for the video and Debbie, its very toned-down. She is not all gung-ho, but simply encouraging and positive. While she has an amazing figure, the two others exercising in the video remind you of women that have recently given birth and are trying to lose the baby bump and the extra junk in the trunk. They are a little soft, but capable of the workout efforts. I'm sure this is to allow the viewers to see themselves in these two, as Debbie's figure is not attainable in 6 weeks!

She clearly expects most people to struggle with the simple workout. This is great for those newbies to the exercise front...or those that haven't challenged themselves in years/months. If anything is too hard, she often suggests only doing the lower body portion or modifying and simply doing as much as you can, all the while telling you that by the end of the program you will be able to do it.

It took me a bit of time to find my rhythm with some of the exercises the first time around, but by the 2nd/3rd viewing, I was fine with all of it and didn't trip over my own feet again :) I think for this first video, on day 1, I was able to do about 90% of it. The crunches and holding my arms up so much did push me, but by day 6 I was ok with all of it.

As I mentioned before, the music is very mellow and seems a bit out of place...think elevators. But its not distracting, neither does it pump you up. I don't really think you need either for this first week's video. Since this is week 1, I think a viewer really should focus on form and finishing the routines. Besides, pumping music simply doesn't mesh with Debbie's style. Its ok though...not quite boring (it is only 35 minutes and you do need to keep up with the reps that she is trying to do), so it works fine for me.

Next Steps
Some people may need another week on "Start it Up" and thats perfecntly fine to continue onto the next week with the same routine. For me, I'll move on to "Ramp it Up" and I'll try to do at least one of the short supplemental workouts (flexibility or abs 10-15 minutes routines) every day as well. "Ramp it Up" does require more time, so I'm dropping the extra cardio for this week and just sticking to running 4 days (maybe 12 miles total) to see how I do. I also plan to jump up to 1600-1800 calories...basically making good choices but not being overly strict.

After the next week, I may just go back to the "Plan B" diet every other week. Again, its totally doable, and I think if I do one week on, and one week off, I can continue this for awhile.

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